Senior Programme

Social and Match Play Squash

The term Seniors in squash simply means members aged 19yrs and over.

This is by far the largest group at Top Squash and exceeds 200 members ranging in age right up to 70.

No matter what your level of participation we can help your squash game and fitness level evolve.

Playing squash means different things to different people.

  • Most want a regular hit with a couple of friends
  • Many are looking for new people to meet and play and we have a number of ways to facilitate
  • Others dive right into the competitive side of the game which we cater for
  • Group coaching and individual coaching is available all year round

Club Night

  • Held on Thursday evenings 19:40-21:30 and runs from Sep to Jul
  • A great opportunity to meet new members and find new squash buddies
  • If you are new to the game or the centre, you will be guided by reception and club professionals
  • Short 10-minute games are arranged with players of similar ability by our professionals
  • Often tips and tricks are given out. It’s a great way to improve your skills
  • The bar is open for that important after match drink
  • Non-members can join by purchasing the daily membership fee

Internal League

  • Are a great way to meet new members and play games with players of your level
  • Leagues run monthly starting on the 1st day of the month
  • You are placed in a group of 5 similar level players.
  • Simply contact them and arrange your match throughtout the month
  • Record the results with winners moving up through the leagues
  • Register with

Corporate League

  • Three Leagues are played throughout the season (Autumn, Winter and Spring)
  • 12 teams play each league
  • Each league has seven weeks of play which are played on a Monday evening

Individual Coaching

  • A development plan is created for the individual
  • Coach assist Individuals with setting goals
  • Perform, record and communicate progressions with player.
  • See the coaching section for prices
  • Have a friend or training partner join you and the lesson fee is shared.

Group Training

  • Communicating, planning, recording information
  • Build development plan with coach for the group and individual