Corporate League

We organize 3 competitions each squash season. Autumn (Oct – Dec); Winter (Jan – Mar); Spring (Apr – Jun). Each competition is played over a 7-week duration. The matches are played on Monday evenings from 19h20. The concept is for regular squash players to introduce the sport to their colleagues in a social and friendly environment, which is not entirely without a competitive spirit.

Corporate League requirements

  • The Leagues are organized by
  • The Entry fee is 300 EUR. For corporate members the entry fee is 160 EUR
  • We host a maximum of 10 teams per competition.
  • Each team consists of 4 Players both men and/or ladies.
  • The players do not have to be the same 4 players each week, but teams cannot change the ranking order of their players.
  • The 10 teams are divided into two pools of 5 teams who play each other.
  • At the end of the of the pool competition all the teams will play a semi- final and a final.

The finer details

  • Players may not play for more than one team.
  • When a team plays a female squash player, they will be rewarded with 1 bonus point on that week of play. Teams will not be given 2 bonus points if they play 2 ladies.
  • A team may have one player in their team who does not work for the company. We call this player a ‘ringer’. The organizer must approve the ‘ringer’ on a week-to-week basis.
  • Matches are scored to best of 5 games with P.A.R (point a rally) to 15 POINTS. If the score is 14 – 14, the next point wins.
  • Should two teams have the same number of points at the conclusion of the pool phase, the higher placed team is decided on the result of when the two teams played each other. If there are three teams all placed with same number of points, the higher placed team is the team who played a female player the most throughout the competition.
  • The score sheet from the tie must be completed correctly and signed by the captains for the results to be registered the following day. All captains are contacted with the results; the points table and the player of the night award within a 48 hours period.

Let Please!

Any time there is a possibility of hitting your opponent either with the ball or your racket or if there is any interference – STOP!! Ask for a “let” – which is a replay of the rally which was stopped because of (a) interference or (b) fear of striking your opponent. Any one who is unsure of this rule please ask.