Membership Rates

  Individual Family Student Junior
Inscription Fee 30 30 30  
Annual 790 1340 440 200
3 Month 230 394    
Monthly 89 152 63  
10 Visit Card 125      
Annual Gym 620      
Monthly Gym 62      
Daily Card 16 26 16 8

Payment by monthly standing order for Individuals and Families is available.

Membership Inclusions

A full membership includes:

  1. Use of the squash courts
  2. Use of the fitness centre
  3. Aerobics and spin cycling programme
  4. Instruction in the use of the fitness machines
  5. Use of the sauna
  6. Participation in the squash leagues

Extra Services

Court reservation in advance 4/40 minutes
Solarium 8/20 minutes
Solarium – Block of 6 40
Racket Hire 3
2 Rackets and Ball Hire 7
Towel Hire 3
Squash Lessons Nathan Sneyd
Personal Trainer Mathias Snickars


Senior Individual  
40 minute 40 190/per 5
60 minute 60 285/per 5
Senior Pair The lesson fee of the individual is shared
Senior Group Organised by special request
Fees depend on the number of players and courts required
Junior Individual  
30 minute 29
40 minute 35
Junior Term Squash 10+ lessons on a fixed day and time. Non-transferable
30 minute 27
40 minute 32
Junior Pair  
40 minute 17.5/per player
Junior Group Training Our coaches identify which training group is best suited
Totz & Letz Pay as Go Term Rate
40 minute 12 10
Develop & Talent groups    
1 hour per week 20 18
2 hours per week 35 32
3 hours per week 45 40.5

Our Mission

It’s our mission to improve the level of each participant in a social and enjoyable atmosphere.
We aim to provide as many opportunities as possible for our players to play and train in a safe and controlled environment.
Our programme is supported by and benefits from some of the world’s best players and owes its creativity to the world’s leading coaches who have global exposure to international training programmes.

Answers to FAQ’s

  • Gym Only membership allows access to the gym area only.
  • Membership is non-transferable and non refundable.
  • Annual membership can be ‘frozen’ due to illness, pregnancy or prolonged business related absences from Luxembourg.
  • Junior membership is applicable until the age of 16 and does not allow access to the fitness centre
  • Student membership is valid for those in full time education. No freeze possible due to absence from Luxembourg.
  • Family membership is valid for couples living together under the same roof and any children they have in full-time education.
  • Membership runs from the date of the first visit for the duration of the subscription paid for (1, 3 or 12 months).
  • Renewals run from the date of the first visit after expiry.
  • Cards of 10 entries can be used over a period of 6 months.
  • Cards of 10 entries do NOT allow participation in the internal leagues or advance court reservations.