Class Information

Spin Cycling

Monday to Sunday

Indoor cycling in a group with an instructor to the beat of the music. Alternating between high and low speeds as well as high and low resistances. Nothing burns calories faster. The resistance determines the intensity of the work out and each participant sets theirs to suit their level of fitness. Suitable for all.

Spin Combo


Indoor cycling for 40 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of free weight work to tone the upper body.

Total Body Conditioning (TBC)

Monday & Wednesday

A full work-out alternating cardiovascular exercises to raise the heart rate with strength and toning of the whole body.


Tuesday and Thursday

A class with slow controlled movements concentrating on the core strength. Suitable for all ages and all fitness levels. No cardio work.



Your high energy “feel good” class. Motivating latino music with simplified movements to create a fun and effective exercise session.

Calorie Killer

Thursday and Sunday

The Ultimate fat burner and toning session. This lively and spirited workout is designed for women as well as men to achieve a healthy strong body shape.